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New APT Report: Call for City of Toronto to Adopt Poverty Elimination Strategy

The Alliance for a Poverty-free Toronto has released a new report, “Toward a Poverty Elimination Strategy for the City of Toronto”.  Condensing the reams of research which show poverty is a problem in the city, the report also lays …

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Ontario anti-poverty movement needs a dose of ‘street heat’

Toronto Star
October 29, 2012
Simon Black

Last week, Frances Lankin and Munir Sheikh, heads of the Commission for the Review of Social Assistance in Ontario, released their final report, Brighter Prospects: Transforming Social Assistance in Ontario. It contains some …

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“Limited Improvements, Serious Concerns” – Poverty Free Ontario Responds to the Social Assistance Review Commission’s Report

Commissioners Frances Lankin and Munir Sheikh released their long-awaited report Brighter Prospects: Transforming Social Assistance in Ontario on October 24, raising both hopes and anxieties in the community that received it. The Report proposes a major restructuring of social assistance,funded …

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“Action on Poverty” Riding Profiles Released

Story Behind the Stats

The Action on Poverty Riding Profiles are a joint initiative of the DurhamHamiltonHaltonPeelToronto and York social planning councils. Individually, they offer a ‘snapshot’ of the extent and nature of poverty in 53 of the provincial/federal ridings in the ‘Golden Horseshoe,’ as well as an example of a positive initiative that addresses poverty at the local level. Viewed collectively, these profiles paint a portrait of poverty across the region, and offer an impressive array of responses to this critical challenge to our region.

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Porter: Two female hardship survivors give back to others

Toronto Star
October 22, 2012
By Catherine Porter

I treated the two Lindas to a celebratory lunch last week.

Pink Linda and Red Linda.

They reminisced about their recent award ceremony over grilled salmon and ginger ale.

The award was …

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ISARC Vigil – Put Food in the Budget Video

Sharon Norman speaks at the ISARC Vigil about the Put Food in the Budget campaign…

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Anti-poverty activists fight to save housing benefit – Carol Goar

Toronto Star

Tuesday October 09, 2012


Every couple of years, governments are seized by an urge to tidy things up.

Anti-poverty activists dread these binges. Experience has taught them that consolidating, rationalizing and reorganizing are usually code words for …

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Health-care providers openly discriminate against the mentally ill – Carol Goar

Toronto Star
Thursday September 20, 2012

The biggest surprise in the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s all-encompassing report on mental health is how deeply embedded discrimination against people with mental disabilities is in the health-care system.

Doctors, nurses and paramedics — …

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Growing attention to precarious work and wage theft

From the Action Alert Workers’ Action Centre

Precarious work and the issue of wage theft is drawing increasing attention. The Law Commission of Ontario (LCO) recently released an Interim Report on Vulnerable Workers and Precarious Work.

The LCO report confirms …

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Research – Recruiting Low-Income Single Moms who were in College during 2011/2012

Are you a low income single mom who attended college in 2011-2012 taking at least a 60% course load in any one semester?

Participate in 15 minutes of research on academic performance for your chance to win a deluxe personal …

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